Picturing Yitzi – Video Diary Series

In 2013, I had the idea of videotaping the creation of my next picture book. When I shared this idea with PJ Library, they thought it was a great idea. And then they asked the obvious question… where’s your story? Well, I hadn’t given much thought to that part… after all there were a million other things to figure out… like what equipment should I buy to film the process? What editing program should I use? Should I use an external microphone? What about lighting?

But they did have a good point. So I rummaged around in my drawers, looking for a story that might work. I found a story that I had written years before called Rachel and the Silver Menorah. Hmmm, I thought. This could work. So I changed Rachel to Yitzi, cleaned it up a bit and then sent the story to PJ Library. They really liked it…. and so my video diary project now had a story!

Here is the first video clip…